When the topic comes to silk sheets, many people wonder “who sleeps on silk?”.  Historically, sleeping on silk was primarily a ritual of the royalty, and today sleeping on silk remains an elitist indulgence.  A few simple reasons answer the question why many people believe a high thread count cotton is the most luxurious fabric to sleep on.  First off, silk is not commonly found in major department stores or bedding and bath shops.  Pure silk sheets are very expensive and a high end set of heavy weight, 19 momme silk sheets, cost the same as three sets of 600 thread count egyptian cotton sheets.  Retailers take less risk when their products have a lower bottom line, therefore you do not commonly see silk bedding to purchase when you go shopping.  Another reason silk bedding is not commonly purchased is because of the care instructions.  Cilque’s silk is machine washable, however other silk bedding is dry clean only.  When you make the decision to sleep on silk ensure your sheets are machine washable.  The care instructions for our silk sheets are simple and are explained on our tags.  Myths are the final reason many people are hesitant to sleep on silk.  Many customers ask “are silk sheets slippery?”.  Silk is a flexible fiber and is designed to move around with your body while you sleep.  Satin silk does have a smooth glide but this is what makes silk such a gentle luxurious fabric to sleep on.  The slippery smooth glide of silk is the reason celebrities and super models sleep on silk pillowcases.  The fabric is so “silky smooth” on your skin and hair that it is a preventative to wrinkles and prevents bed head.  If you have any additional questions about sleeping on silk or about caring for your silk products then shoot us an email at info@cilque.com or tweet us @thecilque.

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  • Samantha Maker
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