Erica Grenci, founder and writer of blog Everything Beautiful, just wrote an article about what you never thought to pack for the cottage.  In it she suggests our Lace & Bow silk eye masks.  She writes the following:


I am a firm believer in all the positive benefits of sleeping on silk so when it comes to what I place on my eyes before turning in—yes, it’s got to be silk! This is the perfect travel companion because you never know when you’ll want or need to get some beauty sleep. And c’mon you’ll look so great doing it. Also, for the cottage or camping this is a must–unless you are a SUPER early riser and don’t mind getting up at the crack of dawn. 


The trusted line I use for my silk sleep essentials is cilque–their products are authentic 100% mulberry silk and are top of the line quality. It feels so light and soft against your face, not like others I’ve tried that are either itchy, don’t stay on well, or don’t completely cover. This is the best I’ve found—and right now they are having a sale!


For the rest of this article click here.


Many clients use their Cilque eye masks every single night because it gives them a better sleep.   Our eye masks are delicately made with pure silk so that they are gentle on your skin and eyes.  The elastic band has the right amount of stretch in it and is covered in silk fabric to give extra comfort.

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  • Samantha Maker
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