Subtle and Sexy Ways to Add Romance to the Boudoir

Subtle and Sexy Ways to Add Romance to the Boudoir

Beducation: Add romance subtly

Looking for new ways to create energy and excitement in the bedroom? A subtle way to do so is by adding a touch of red or crimson to your bedroom.

Red has been proven to create positive energy, and allows for more intimate relations in the bedroom. Red represents love and passion. It draws people closer together and if you choose to do so, you may find yourself digging deeper with your partner on a conversational level.

Just the right touch of red will heighten emotions and possibly your heart rate! While you may not want to paint your entire walls red, silk bed sheets are a subtle way to go. 

Want to know our favourite Crimson designs here at Cilque? Follow us on Pinterest and check out our “Crepe de Crimson” favourites!

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