Sleep Hacks for Travellers when Facing New Time Zones

Sleep Hacks for Travellers when Facing New Time Zones

Travelling can be stressful and tiring. The best way to make sure that you’re well rested and ready to enjoy your trip is by getting some rest during your travels. Help rest your mind and body by following these tips.

1. Request a Wake Up Call 

If you're going into a new time zone then be sure to call the front desk of your hotel and request a wake up call. 

2. Eye Mask

Depending on where you’re going, it may be difficult to sleep from your excitement. Not to mention, the sun beaming down on your face makes it hard to fall asleep as well. A silk eye mask will hydrate the skin around your eyes, while blocking out the sun. Add a pair of earplugs to the mix and you’ll sleep like a baby.

3. Water

Purchase a bottle of water prior to entering the plane, and remember to stay hydrated! Keeping well hydrated can possibly prevent headaches and help make sure you have a restful trip.

4. Travel Pillow

A U-shaped travel pillow will allow for better rest. This pillow will support your neck and prevent neck injuries.

5. Window Seat

A window seat keeps you away from the aisle where people may disturb your rest as they walk by you. In addition, you can rest against the side of the window during a long flight, where sitting in one position can get tiring.

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