Subtle Décor Tips Every Romantic Needs to Know

Subtle Décor Tips Every Romantic Needs to Know

While much of your time may not be spent in the bedroom due to your busy schedule, it remains to be the most important place in the house. Here are a few subtle décor ideas you can unwind to after a long day, and set the scene to create excitement. 

Set the Mood with Lighting

Lighting is the key to setting the tone in the bedroom! Dim the lights or set up a few candles around the room to create lighting that flatters both you and your partner. Candles also add a flattering scent to the room.

Add Hints of Red


Red is the colour of love. Red raises the energy in a room as it creates intensity and can stimulate one’s heartbeat. Add hints of red, whether its your pillowcases, a rug or some candles.

Set the bed in Silk Sheets

Elegance and opulence comes naturally once your bed is covered in silk sheets. The texture is sleek, and soft to the touch which creates excitement, and romance for both partners.

Aroma for Relaxation


Soothing fragrances often aid in relaxation and go beyond visually appealing décor ideas. Fragrances like vanilla, and cinnamon are natural scents that heighten sexual attraction. Both of these scents can be found in the form of candles and spray.

Keep it Clutter Free
A significant interior design tip is removing all of the clutter from your bedroom. Not only will the room be more spacious, but there will be fewer distractions around you. Keep it minimal and airy.
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