We all know the blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe, for her contagious sex appeal throughout her career. It is no secret that throughout her years she continued to succeed while looking flawless, sexy and youthful. Did you ever wonder how she did it? Marilyn may have diamonds as her best friend but there is one friend she may have forgot to mention. With that said, Cilque would like to introduce you to Marilyn’s other best friend, silk. Though Marilyn wore silk robes for her alluring and intimate image she swore by sleeping on silk sheets.


In addition to the association of seduction, luxury and comfort, silk also delivers healing qualities ranging from anti-aging to menopausal symptoms (check back next week as we will be talking about silk and menopausal symptoms).


Most people have experienced that familiar sensation of waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror and noticing bed sheet creases on their faces. These creases tend to decrease quicker and with ease for young adults and teenagers. On that note however, as we age our skin loses elasticity, which causes the creases to last longer. The solution to this problem, as Marilyn was quite familiar with, is sleeping on silk. This luxurious sleeping experience will help the skin retain moisture, prevent signs of aging and keep the skin cool.  It’s no wonder why silk pillows and bed sheets have been a necessary beauty essential for Hollywood starlets like Marilyn for decades.

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  • Samantha Maker
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