Cilque ensures that the sexiness of silk in the bedroom is one of lavish luxury, and reveals the feeling of true inner beauty.  Outside of the bedroom, Cilque is used in fashion and art as a way to express yourself.  Ever heard of aerial silk?



Aerial silk is an exotic type of performance where one or more artists perform beautiful aerial acrobatics while hanging from a rich fabric, which contains silk fibers.  This is because silk is known to be one of the strongest fibers in the world and can hold up the dancers.  The silk is used to wrap and transition their bodies in and out of various comfortable, yet striking, positions creating a beautiful outcome.


The use of silk and the sensuous feeling this performance creates is one Cilque could not ignore. Though these acts are often practiced and presented outside the bedroom, the allure of silk is that its presence can enhance almost any experience, outfit, or design.


While not everybody has the ability to twist themselves in positions from the air while wrapped in silk there is an opportunity to feel sexy, beautiful and luxurious with our products. By wrapping your body in silk sheets when you sleep, you will discover the beautiful feeling of lavish luxury, as we believe everyone should.

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  • Samantha Maker
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