The Secret to Silky Skin

The Secret to Silky Skin

The Secret to Silky Skin

Sunscreen, skin ointment, face wash, oh my! We are constantly told to treat our skin on a daily basis, and many of us resort to harsh chemicals to obtain results. However, the age old concept of “beauty sleep” is an important step towards living a healthy lifestyle. Often, we associate healthy skin with the number of hours that one has to rest, but in the long term it may be the quality of your sleep rather than quantity. In simpler terms, silk bedding may be the solution to gaining healthier skin!

Here are 3 reasons why silk is better for your skin compared to your current synthetic bedding:

1. Silk beddings are hypo-allergenic

Although they may not be easily visible, dust mites intensify allergies and are a major cause of asthma. Silk beddings prevent the collection of dust due a protein called ‘sericin’ which is produced by the silkworm. This protein that now protects your bed sheets once was a sticky substance that protected the silkworm from natural dangers. Silk continues to keep dust mites at bay due to many of the properties that are not lost during the processing phase, as minimal chemicals are involved in the process. Moreover, silk is comprised of fibres that help keep a dry and cool environment which further prevents bacteria from fostering.

2. Soothes skin and reduces irritation

In Adam Sandler’s movie, Don’t Mess with the Zohan, it is no wonder that Zohan wants to make people “silky smooth”. Silk is lustrous, soft, and smooth to the touch! Such a texture ensures that the fabric does not cause friction with skin. Generally, cotton fabric would rub against the surface of the skin and cause irritation. With silk bed sheets, your skin will feel rejuvenated after resting on the gentle fibres, which will glide across your skin as you sleep.

3. Keeps skin hydrated

Your regular cotton pillow cases are drying out your skin! As you toss and turn in the middle of the night, the cotton material drags across your face and absorbs your natural oils. The lack of oil signals your body to produce even more oil in order to hydrate your face, which is the leading cause of clogged pores and pimples!

Silk on the other hand is less absorbent, and your face will remain hydrated throughout the night!

If you’re tired of paying for products that infuse numerous chemicals into your skin, try silk for yourself!

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