Melissa Maker, Clean My Space: How to Clean Silk Sheets


How to Clean Silk Sheets

Melissa Maker – President of Clean My Space, takes us behind the scene to demonstrate how simple it is to clean Cilque sheets that are 100% silk.


How to Wash Silk Sheets

Melissa recommends putting Cilque sheets in the wash by themselves, and leaving any other items for the next load. The fabric care label recommends hand washing or machine washing the sheets in cold water, depending on your preference. She advises users to use scent free detergent, or a detergent that is used on baby products. Baby detergent is usually free of harmful chemicals that would harm the skin, thus it is gentle enough for your silk sheets. If there is one thing to avoid, that would be bleach! Lastly, Melissa recommends using the gentle setting to wash your sheets.

How to Dry Silk Sheets

Melissa recommends using the tumble dry option on a low heat setting to prevent the sheets from becoming damaged.

How to Iron Silk Sheets

It is important to iron silk sheets on a low heat setting. While ironing the sheets, Melissa suggests consumers turn the sheets inside out and refrain from ironing on the glossy side!

You might have noticed Melissa’s sheets are Cilque’s very own Black Tie Optional! In love with these sheets? Check them out on our website here.

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